VR Circus

This is a page dedicated to the ongoing project led by Eric McGill to create a circus show combining first person video, virtual reality, and aerial circus. 

This video was filmed at the Nofit State Circus' Four Elms Studio in Cardiff, UK. Using amateur performers from Nofit's evening classes. Filmed using GoPro's mounted on a helmet the image was the duplicated to create a 3D effect.

The footage was then placed into a virtual reality viewing booth where people could walk up to a VR headset mounted to the wall of the booth and peep into the circus show inside.

The next stage of this project will bring the experience of seeing through the aerialist eyes to a live stage. The helmet camera  (see below) will return and will live stream its point of view to a giant screen at the back of the stage. This will allow the audience to experience a standard show while gaining a greater understanding of the artist's journey as they perform.