VR + POV Circus

This is a page dedicated to the ongoing project led by Eric McGill to create a circus show combining point of view (POV) camerawork, virtual reality, and aerial circus. 



Attic Journal:

Commissioned by the Scottee Youtube channel. It was made as a video response to the coronavirus pandemic. Using stories from Eric's real life, Eric speaks to the audience about how he's coping and what can be done now that we're all stuck in such confined spaces. He does this while executing a trapeze routine as best he can under the circumstances.

Your Name:

A research project with Paul Evans (not shown but heard) about the possibilities of how virtual reality and the use of POV (point of view) camera work can be used to create a heightened level of kinethetic empathy with the audience. This short excerpt uses both the screen and the POV camera, but this research also includes ways of intensifying kinesthetic empathy through other means as well.

Go to:   http://www.flyingdiplodocus.co.uk/

to read more about Paul, his work and his research.


This video was filmed at the Nofit State Circus' Four Elms Studio in Cardiff, UK. Using amateur performers from Nofit's evening classes. Filmed using GoPro's mounted on a helmet the image was the duplicated to create a 3D effect. (see below)

The footage was then placed into a virtual reality viewing booth where people could walk up to a VR headset mounted to the wall of the booth and peep into the circus show inside.