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The Denial This is Forever 
-a digital show done live in-person-

About the show:

Duration: 1 hour

Audience members: 1-6

It's part museum, part live action video game, part live performance. The Denial this is Forever explores the limits and ineptitude of connecting through digital media. Digital photos frames, projection work and a bread crumb trail of tea lights guide you through a series of digital circus pieces that will leave you anxious to finally take a break from screens and watch a real warm human body move through the air on trapeze.

Footage from the Newport Run:





Footage from the Cardiff Run:

A hybrid solo performance on the trapeze, The Denial This is Forever invites a small group of audience members to reflect on how their lives have been altered by this new and heavy reliance on digital technology for work, play and connecting with other humans. So much that used to be in-person has been replaced by screens and tech. We’ve been operating on the idea that this is only for now, but what if things stayed this way forever?






A summary of the show’s format:


Upon entering the space audiences are greeted with a short video explaining the format of the show. The video then prompts them to explore a series of digital installations, a series of digital photo frames. The audience are then moved on to the next installation, a projection of an artist on trapeze.

The video instructs them to watch the video imagining that they themselves are the artist on screen. Next is an audio-only experience with no visuals. The audience members are guided through a visualisation exercise, inspired by audio-described circus for the visually impaired.
Finally a real human appears. The live artist on the trapeze performs an aerial duet with his pre-recorded self as well as with a camera projecting his point of view. Voice over audio meanwhile discusses whether we’ve learned anything from this pandemic experience or whether it's been all for nothing.
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